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ncpreAssignia Infraestructuras is the parent company of a large international group, with headquarters in Spain, dedicated to construction and services.

The Spanish construction business classification system classifies it as one of the just eight companies that operate in Spain, with the maximum technical and economic solvency to fit out infrastructures of all types and of the greatest budgets.

It is an Essentium group company, which is a group with over 30 years of experience, and an area of activity comprising the extraction, manufacture and commercialisation of basic materials for construction including cement, aggregate, concrete and pre-formed concrete that complement the construction and real estate trade. However, in recent years it has extended its activity into the area of water purification, by using a patent created by the internal R+D department, and into the area of energy.

Assignia Infraestructuras participates in the country's large-scale infrastructure projects (high speed railway lines, motorways, airports) and it is a leading company in the services and infrastructures concessions sector, particularly in the area of health, education and the environment. It is also present on the renewable energy market, where it has put several biofuel and solar energy plants into operation.

It has won important contracts in Mexico, Venezuela, Turkey and Oman. Its activity abroad also extends to other developing countries.